Monday, January 7, 2019

#6 Write about friendship

When I forgot how to love myself you held me tight and told me it's okay to cry. When I had doubts about living you made me laugh so hard I forgot what I was sad about. When I told you I don't know myself anymore you went through every memory you had of us to remind me who I am.

So when you find yourself struggling, when you feel like the whole world's against you, I'm going to be by your side holding a shield and firing bullets at everyone who comes near you. 

You have shown me that friendship isn't about how much time you spend together or how many each other's secrets you know. Friendship is about acceptance and love and understanding. It's about being completely open and vulnerable and trusting the person not to use that against you. Friendship is everything you have given me and continue to show me until this very day. 

Sunday, November 4, 2018

#5 Write about loneliness

"Lonely is not being alone, is the feeling that no one cares."

Surrounded with people who care about me, people who love me dearly - that has always been my life. 

Yet most time I felt alone in this world. Loneliness, this heavy dark thing eating me from inside and pulling me down. This unbearable feeling that often came knocking at the door. And I always felt so guilty about it. How can someone be lonely with a phone full of people's numbers, full of unopened Facebook conversations and non-stop flow of notifications? 

The feeling that came from knowing so many people, but having no one to reach out to when I felt like this crippling loneliness was getting at me. Having no one to explain my mind to. Being no one's priority.

There were days when I felt like maybe I found a person who'd put me first, because I had put them first. They have always proven me wrong.

Because we as people are built in such a way that we always crave and chase after someone we can't fully have. We put people on pedestals, thinking they see us in the same way, but they never do. Far too often we rely on people who are barely there and when we decide to take the trust fall, our head meets the ground. 

Saturday, November 3, 2018

#4 Write about love

Could I define the colour of your eyes? Or the taste of your lips? Or the sound of your laugh? Could I define and describe those things I love so dearly?

I think not and I refuse to do so. Because nothing will do you justice, nobody could compare you to something they have seen. Not if the truly know you, truly see you.

You are unique. You are the only one who has ever, who could ever, see my soul, touched it and healed it. So I see you beyond what people who only pass by see you. I see you. I see how you shine through your eyes, your lips, your laugh. And how could anyone describe a soul so beautiful and bright.

So please forgive me for not writing about the deepest grey of your eyes, about the addictive softness of your lips, about the joyful sound of your laugh, for I have fallen in love with your soul.

Monday, December 4, 2017

#3 Write about trust

People are strange creatures.

We crave closeness, love and trust, yet we are so hesitant to offer it to another person. We constantly fight against it, kicking and screaming, believing we are doing the best we can to protect ourselves. It tragic, really, how scared we are of bearing our soul to someone, putting in them our trust, giving them the power to either destroy or save us.

We are scared to trust someone because it's like handing over a steering wheel when you are about to crash. It can either turn out fine or with a casualty.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

#2 Write about silence

They can cut deep into your soul,
a small voice occupying your mind,
and you let it take the control,
even though the voice is never calm nor kind.

If you let them out, clear and loud,
they might ruin your life.
But if you keep them bottle up inside,
they will hurt your flesh like a knife. 

How many hidden meanings can they hold?
How many false promises will they make you believe?
Promises like 'Together will grow old",
and "Love, you can never make me leave".

So let's sit together, but not say a thing,
listening to only our breathing, our heartbeat,
and put away our masks, stop acting, pretending,
allowing our hearts in the middle to meet. 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

#1 Write about eyes

You might think that the first thing we notice about another person is how they dress or how much they weight or how they carry themselves, and although that might be true, the one thing that will stick with us forever is their eyes. Not the colour or the shape of their eyes, but that little twinkling light behind them. 

That light can change everything. 

When I first caught his glance I thought that his blue eyes were pretty. Like a perfectly planted ocean of blue in the middle of his face that gave his boyish smile an edgy look. But pretty cannot describe the colour that they changed to when he talked about his passion. When he talked endlessly about his hopes and dreams, it was like his eyes were dancing. They lit up with so much joy, so much excitement that it completely changed him. As much as I loved the sparkle in his eyes, his pure childish excitement, there was nothing more frightening than his eyes turning grey like a stormy sky. It was as if his eyes reflected his true inner feeling, his dissatisfaction and discomfort when something was bothering him. The loving blue changed to cold grey in a millisecond, like someone turned on a light switch. 

So, when a friend asked me what colour were his eyes, I couldn't find the words. They were blue and they were grey, but to me, most of the time, they reminded me of home. Like I was finally where I was supposed to be, like his eyes were all there was to this life, and I was more than happy to be drowning in them for the rest of my life.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Regaining my creativity

Life has been moving so fast lately. A moment goes by so quickly that before realising a day, a week, a month is over. We live in this society that is constantly in a rush. In a society where it's becoming less and less acceptable to sit down, be by yourself and simply give in to your feelings and thoughts. 
With the pressure of success and focusing on 'real' life I feel like I've lost parts of me that I once valued beyond everything. Most of all I lost passion, creativity and the burning positivism about life I once had. 

In order to change that, to regain the person I once was and to truly discover who I am, what I like and what I want, I decided that I'll set a goal to write everyday until the end of the year. I found a list of writing prompts that's long and full of ideas that I never thought of. 

So my beloved readers (if there's any of you still left), buckle up because I'm about to take you for a ride!